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Title: Bright Departures
Fandom: original
Character: original
Length: 191
Rating: G

Someone might say that the dirigible looked silvery. The truth of the matter was that it looked gray, and a rather dingy gray at that. A dirigible in jewel-like blue or green, or even in gold, might come later, near the arrival, but for now, before we had even formally left, this patched and dingy one would have to do.
The clouds had lost the dawn color before we lifted off, and thickened. We would be lucky to escape the rain.
The princess still went to the window to look over the scene, with the thick, cobalt clouds, and the foreground of pasture, decked with trees, still bright green before the storm reached them. Then a rainbow arched the cloud, reaching down to the earth. My breath came out. For a moment, I tried to trace it back, see if it were a complete arc, but then the captain came in.
Whirl around, bow deeply, say, "Her Highness installed safely on the Silver Swan."
He nodded and said, sharply, "Be off about your duties," -- as if it were not my duty to wait with her until relieved.
I bowed again.

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