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Title: Disappeared faces
Fandom: Donyatsu
Character: Donyatsu
Length: 197 words
Rating: none
Warnings: none
Author's Notes: Donyatsu is a really fun manga which a group of cats suddenly found themselves in a world that every human disappears. The pictures remind me of the manga and inspire me to write this. also for tic_tac_woe: mass migration

“Come on! Let’s be quick!” Begaru said. “I don’t want to miss the latest manga issue!” Without looking at Donyatsu, he rushed towards the bookshop ahead.

“Wait for me!” Donyatsu shouted when trying to catch up.

At the bookshop, every cat picked the one they like to read. Begaru laughed so much at the manga he read that he stumbled to the ground and pressed his paws against his stomach. Baumcougar was reading something which content went over Donyatsu’s head. Ronya was devouring fashion magazines with such frenzy that Donyatsu feared that she would drag him for another fashion and cosmetic hunt. He picked up a manga and hid at a corner. It ended at a cliffhanger and he couldn’t wait for the next issue-

Except that the next issue would never come because every human was missing from the world. Even a genius like Baumcougar couldn’t find out why and where they left for. Would the things that took them away also picked his friend away from him?

Donyatsu suddenly had no mood for the manga anymore. Ronya seemed to be looking for him, and he’d rather brave her scavenger hunt than tortured by his mind.

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