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Title: The Treehouse Secret
Fandom: original
Character: original
Length: 211
Rating: G

It sat, unpainted, old, in the tree. Shelter from the storm, thought Lilac. At least some, even though the windows lay out to the outside. Her mouth twisted. There wasn't likely to be a storm tonight either.
"I'll go first," said Carolus. "To see if it will take my weight."
Lilac swallowed. No one objected. Though William fell back as if he feared we would be attacked at the foot of the stairs.
He climbed slowly and steadily. Inside the treehouse, he stamped about. Finally, he called, "Come up," but his voice sounded odd.
Lilac took the railing (at least it did not have splitters) and started to climb.
What had not been obvious from the forest floor was that it had a table in it. There was a brown camera on it, one of the newfangled ones where you could compress the lens into the body to carry more easily, but it looked old. Next to it lay pictures: a man standing, another of him with his bride, a third of a group of women like sisters or a graduating class of one of the more severe and academic finishing schools. There was no sign of a dark room, of course, and she did not recognize any of the figures.

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