Jun. 19th, 2017

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Title: Their First Fair
Fandom: Original
Character: Original
Length: 232
Rating: None
Warnings: None
Author's Notes: None

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Title: Would Teach My Feet to Fly
Fandom: Wynonna Earp (TV)
Charactesr: Wynonna & Doc
Length: 1,000 words
Rating: Teen
Content notes: Canon typical mental health issues and dysfunctional relationships, some theology.
Author's Notes: Set after 2x02 with minor spoilers. Title from "River" by Joni Mitchell.

Wynonna had used to say, 'Make your peace.' She'd even said that was going to be 'her thing.' )
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Title: Rindo
Fandom: Shining Force
Character: OC narrator
Length: 531 words
Rating: K+
Warnings: (if necessary) spoilers
Author's Notes: an account of the Rindo sections of the game, because circus rides and boats apparently remind me of Rindo.
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