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Title: Escaping
Fandom: original
Character: original
Length: 161
Rating: G

Amelia and Jonathan clutched her hands as if a current would carry them away if they released her for a moment. She watched Lieutenant Smith's back as he moved down the tunnel on the narrow, with the water rippling in the channel, and snags of deadwood reaching out like skeletal hands toward him.
If he did not return, she would have to bring the children after by herself, there being no other route.
But he turned, and waved for them.
She had Jill, Lucy, David, and Edmund move on ahead of her and edged after them. It would be safe if Amelia and Jonathan walked alone, the ledge was so narrow, but trying to argue with them was futile in their fear.
Light appeared ahead. Her breath gushed out. And then an opening, showing grass. And lifeless trees, but that could not quell her relief. The children's voices rose in choiring gladness, and she could not bring herself to hush them.

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