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Title: Leaving Faerie
Fandom: original
Character: original
Length: 228
Rating: G

Halley walked along the ledge as carefully as she could. There was deadwood in the waters that she could catch, it did not look too deep, but still she did not want to fall in.
"Running water," observed Artos behind her.
"With no bridge, or stepping stones, or narrow place to jump," said Halley. "I suppose the desperate would use it."
Artos laughed. "You've got it. But many of those who fear the running water are enough to make people desperate. Still, the big advantage for the wardens is that it shields the town from the fae who live on the other side."
Then, out of the tunnel onto the grass on the other side. The birches and aspens had lost their leaves, and the town could be seen clearly.
She followed Artos up the slope, and blinked at a poster there. Tropical beach with smooth sand, aquamarine sea with white foam, sapphire sky with puffy clouds, and a bright red drink in the midst of the sand. She shook her head. Yes, there was writing on it, but her first thought still remained that no one should drink such a drink, for fear for what the fae folk had done to enchant it.
She hurried after Artos and wondered if the merfolk might take her to such an island for a favor (and return her safely after).

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