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Title: Cold Welcome
Fandom: original
Character: original
Length: 141
Rating: G

They walked into the temple. The roof cut off the sunlight, and the lamps were low and few, and hooded. Enough to walk by at least, after the eyes adjusted. And their light was pure white.
Mark told himself it was folly to fear because there were guards all about him. There always were, it was just that sometimes, they were farther off. But since the moment the sea had tossed him onto their shores, he had never been in a place where he could flee without their forces being brought to bear. And still less because the temple was done with ornate columns.
A woman appeared ahead of them. A woman pale as bone, her hair dark, and her sleeveless gown, and the two great wings unfurled to either side of her.
"So, you have brought this man to me," she said, coldly

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