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Title: Festivities
Fandom: original
Character: original
Length: 294
Rating: G

A peaceful region, since they could keep up a railroad.
We flew low enough over the city that I could see the station, brilliant picked out with red, yellow, and blue. A lone traveler, his head covered with a hat, stood there, not looking from his books, his yellow backpack slung on as he awaited the hour that our festivities would be done and the trains would start again. A scholar, I guessed.
As the dirigible slid over the station, toward where the masses of crowds stood, Draik muttered, "Foolish man."
"For what?" I said. "Avoiding the mobs today? One would think you would think him wiser than you."
His mouth twitched. "If he were that wise, he would have left the city yesterday, or holed up until tomorrow."
I shrugged. Perhaps he was under constraints unknown to us who went where ordered, but always had our transport ordered as well.
"Are the festivities clear?" said Princess Everilda, arrayed all in silver and gold, her hair floating down her back. "I should like to be properly surprised when the time comes."
"Yes," I said, and stood aside from the window. She stay in the shadows and glanced quickly. "Pageantry, I see, and they have included one of the Death ones."
"For a bride?" said Draik, blinking.
"It is," I said dryly, "considered philosophical and wise to remember the suddenness of death even in the height of festivity."
I managed to conceal my startlement later, even when between columns, a pasty pale woman with dark hair and a black gown sported soot-black wings and declaimed that she hoped Death spared the princess bride and princely bridegroom for many a year, and still more than they were ready for the hour when it came.

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