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Title: Old
Fandom: original
Character: original
Length: 184 words

Have fun, he had said, so she'd bought a ticket to this sandy beach. She stares at the place where the blue of the sky meets the blue of the ocean, sipping a frozen drink and trying to will every muscle to relax. She sits under a sunny sky wondering. When did not moving suddenly become fun?

As a child, the ocean meant running across the shifting sands and throwing oneself against the waves. It meant climbing under bridges and walking through stone tunnels knee deep in water while searching for the place the pirates of old hid their golden treasures. At what point had imagination and energy been exchanged for stillness and contemplation? When did she suddenly turn old?

She takes another frosty sip, and then climbs to her feet. She runs, picking up speed as she aims directly for the point where the sea touches the sky. The water catches her, slapping against her chest as she pushes forward. It covers her head, then streams down her nose and hair as she rises above the waves laughing. No. She's not old yet.
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