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Title: Bring It In
Fandom: Earthbound
Character: Ness 
Length: 658
Rating: G, Multiple (implied Ness/Paula and unrequited minor character/Ness)
tags: postgame, minor spoilers, foreshadowing for Mother 3

AO3 link: archiveofourown.org/works/11664840
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Title: Passage Way
Fandom: Dark Savior
Character: Garian/Kay
Length: 800
Rating: T/Het
warnings: slightly eerie
other notes: inspired by glitches in a game I spend way too much time playing, to the extent that I write fic about the glitches... presumably this happens somewhere late Parallel 2, probably after a couple of resets via abandoning Kay in Deadman's Castle

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Title: Let us Cling Together
Fandom: Gemfire
Character: Erin/Gweyn
Length: 200 apiece
Rating: T
Summary: Erin and Gweyn's alliance came a little too late but they're determined to make it work. And are not plotting against each other, honest. Part of my obsession for writing postgame fics for characters who ended up in exile in my headcanon (i.e. virtually everyone but Terian).

on AO3: archiveofourown.org/works/11522052
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Title: Tar and Feathers
Fandom: Star Ocean: The First Departure
Characters: Joshua & Erys
Length: 565 words
Rating: T/Gen
Warnings: spoilers, postgame, angst

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 Title: Not A Bad Idea, The Train
Fandom: Mother 3
Characters: Lucas, minor OC
Length: 570 words
Rating: T/Gen
Warnings: spoilers, angst, family issues
Note: title is a reference to The Third Lie by Agota Kristof, which was a big inspiration for Mother 3
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 Written For: Picture #8
Title:  So Much For Today, I Didn't Need That HP Anyway 
Fandom: Undertale
Character: Asgore, Asriel, Sans, Frisk, Chara, the Souls
Length:  1500 words
Rating: T
Warnings: major spoilers, alternate ending, tragic but with bittersweet ending
Summary: The lights in the sky remind Asgore of the souls offered up to win their freedom.

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Written For: Picture #5 and Picture #6
Title:  It's Raining Somewhere Else
Fandom: Undertale
Character: Alphys/Undyne, also featuring Metatton and the Annoying Dog
Length: 789
Rating: T
Warnings: mild spoilers, mild language
Author's Notes: None
Summary: Undyne's attempts to engineer a date with Alphys go amusingly wrong. 

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Title: Rindo
Fandom: Shining Force
Character: OC narrator
Length: 531 words
Rating: K+
Warnings: (if necessary) spoilers
Author's Notes: an account of the Rindo sections of the game, because circus rides and boats apparently remind me of Rindo.
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 Title: Lion and Unicorn
Fandom: Princess Crown
Character: Eriel/Leon 
Length: 1138 words
Rating: T
Warnings: (if necessary) major spoilers, AU
Author's Notes: Written post-game, with Eriel and Leon at the Academy, bonding over shared experiences of being possessed by the cursed book. The books reminded me of the cursed book and the house in the woods looks like Proserpina's house. AU because I don't think the book or Leon would still be there in canon.

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