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Title: Shelter From The Storm
Fandom: original
Character: original
Length: 197
Rating: G

It rained. It smeared the window, but still let her see the town below. Halley frowned. The buildings that had been rosy and orange as she arrived last night were still bearing the arched window and the towers, but were now dingy white.
She shivered. Magic, she supposed. It was all magic all about, but -- this was the most unchancy magic she had seen.
"You aren't going to spend the storm staring out the window, are you?" said Godgifa, cheerfully.
"And they won't let you in if you go," said Wenfleda. "Since you'll drip on their precious books."
"Go out?" came half a dozen choiring troll-children's voices, and their hands came up to seize hers and draw her into a back and windowless room, where benches like shelves encircled a stove, and a troll-wife handed out mugs to all and sundry -- not all of them trolls, two looked as human as she did.
She took the mug. They might be human, she reminded herself. She was.

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