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Title: The Glamorous Life
Fandom: original
Character: original
Length: 197
Rating: G

It rained.
The swan-white city outside, with its handful of towers and its arched windows, had turned a dingy, grayish off-white, like a noblewoman's cast-off white gown, graciously given to a servant.
"Come on, Jon," said Draik, wearily. "Not even for the princess can every moment of her bridal procession have the good luck of sunshine on it."
I finished arranging my sword belt.
"The glamorous life of a knight," said Draik.
I managed to both keep from biting my lip and not retort that our knightings did not mean we were anything more than theatrical performers, and not even the central actors: we dressed well and added to the show. Old Corwin might hold forth, sententiously, on how such pomp and circumstance could overawe those whose judgment was not sound enough to realize the importance of order, and so keep the peace, but -- it smarted.
A hut by the dirigible field had a handful of its workers sitting on the benches within, drinking cups of broth and petting a pug dog. Their clothes were rough, but I envied them. The glamorous life of a knight indeed: walking in the rain to get on a dirigible.

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