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Title: The Tunnel
Fandom: original
Character: original
Length: 247
Rating: G

I glared at the slope. Covered with grass so even that the royal gardeners would envy it, so steep that no one climb without slipping off. And blocking our way. My glaring was as likely to break a way through as anything else we could do.
I wondered that Carolus was so certain that men had made it. Even the royal gardens, with the most marvelous of gardeners and most wonderful of mechanica, contained no features this perfect, even at a hundredth of the size.
"Look at this!" called Jehan, and both Carolus and I scrambled over. Where the stream ran, it did not flow alongside the slope. It did not flow even into a passage just large enough for it. A tunnel stood there, tall enough that a small giant could have fit in. Made of rough-hewn yellowish brown rock, its course was filled with water, except where some deadwood snag stood, but on the other side was a walkway, however narrow. And through it we could see grass on the other side, and a stand of dead, leafless trees.
My breath gushed out.
"We still have to cross the stream," said Carolus, practically. Jehan nodded, not looking away.
"And," I said, "they will know that we must come through here. We will be vulnerable, though it's still better than staying here."
Both of them looked at me.
"There were rocks back a ways," I said. "We should see if they will serve as stepping stones."

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