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Title: At The Fae Court
Fandom: original
Character: original
Length: 200 apiece
Rating: G

"This way, madame," said the servant, sober in gray and blue.
Though, thought Halley, not half so sober as she was, all in gray. And half of that was dust. She followed him down the back corridors, all pale, barely worked stone. To see red velvet curtains ahead, pulled back by golden cord, surprised her.
The servant stopped by the niche thus revealed. It had two benches, of the same, unworked stone, and over it loomed a window, where all the panes were inset with circles, and bands of yellow and orange glass encased chunks of it. He cleared his throat.
"As soon as the king can receive you," he said. "You can wait here until then."
She nodded and sat. He sat opposite her, looking grave, sober, official, and silent, and she took the time to mediate on the hall. She had thought that the rough rock showed that these were the working places, where servants and functionaries scuttled unseen by festivities. The window, she supposed, might be that it was visible from the outside. But the curtains? They could adorn the rest with glamors to make it beautiful, but then, they could hang non-existent curtains here, as well.

The mortal woman walked into the hall as easily as if gray and dust were commonplace in the court. It felt disconcerting. Even knowing that she could not conjure that into a gown of delicate silver, let alone one of pure red bedecked with lace, it felt disconcerting.
He bowed. It was not a servant's place to be disconcerted, especially when dealing with matters of knights. Pure luck that he had not had to deal with one who had no power to wield glamors before. "This way, madame."
She walked in. Halley, he remembered. She eyed the corridors as if she had never seen them before, and lifted an eyebrow when she saw the niche with red velvet curtains, and the window with its patterns and its stained glass, but showed no real astonishment.
He cleared his throat. "As soon as the king can receive you," he said. "You can wait here until then."
She sat on the bench, and the sunlight glowed on her, almost illuminating her hair from within.
Blond hair at least, and green eyes. She had some color to her. He sat to wait. Her eyes seemed unfocused as if she pondered things far lands away.

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nicely written, I like Fey stuff

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