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Title: Honeymoon
Fandom: original
Character: original
Length: 100 apiece
Rating: G

What a honeymoon, thought Cal, his hand loosely linked with Hope's. Not whipping his bride off to a magical island radiant with flowers. Walking by the seashore on a cold day, the waves and sky as gray as ashes. Wearing a winter coat!
Which, he supposed, was only natural. What a wedding! To ensure that he had a next of kin!
Hope stopped and looked up at him, smiling. His mouth smiled without his even thinking of it. On the other hand, they were married. His arm slid about her. She leaned against him and slid her arm about him.

She hoped he did not realize how nervous she was. He was the one in danger. Winter coat to keep her warm, black railing to keep her from the iron-gray waves, and most of all, the knowledge that Dr. Blake would call him, not her, back for the experiment.
At least, with the wedding, she knew that legally, he was safe. She could act on his behalf. She looked fondly at him, and Cal's arm slid about her. She leaned over, feeling his heart beat as her arm went about him. She had this much of a honeymoon, at that.

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Awww. Even in this tight a space, you can tell that they have a lot of care and love.

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