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Hospitality (Picture#14) -- original

Title: Hospitality
Fandom: original
Character: original
Length: 137
Rating: G

"He can't stay here," said Damaris. "That is the effect of the spell. To let a man stay on this ground will break the effect, and cause famine."
"That," said Mark, "would have been better to know an hour ago. How far must I go?"
Damaris smiled, the wrinkles about her eyes deepening. "We can do better than that. Come this way."
She walked with majestic steadiness through the village. Girls peeped through windows, or openly stared. Women went about their work, or muttered among themselves, or stared as openly as the girls. And past the village toward a stand of trees. Where, neatly perched among the three main boughs of a tree, stood a tree house, with a stairway leading up to it.
"Better than a camp in the wild," said Damaris. "At least a little."