Aug. 13th, 2017

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Title: What She Wants
Fandom: original
Character: original
Length: 147
Rating: G

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Title: Vacation on Hawaii
Fandom: The Faculty (AU)
Characters: Casey Connor, Zeke Tyler
Words: 1631
Rating: R
also written for [community profile] getyourwordsout Bingo
Disclaimer: Of course, I don't own The Faculty nor the characters

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Challenge #8 is closed now. We have six fills written by four authors for this round. Thanks to everyone for participating.

Now it's time for our first amnesty round. Please note, that amnesty rounds always run two weeks.

Amnesty #1

Writing period: 13.08.2017 - 27.08.2017

Amnesty rules

- you can write every prompt (challenge or special) we have had so far.
- you can write single stories or combine the prompts in which way ever you want
- you can write as many stories as you want
- you don't need to follow the special rules (but of course, you can, if you want to do so)

- minimum word count: 100 words
- please put the pictures into your story
- interpret the pictures in which way ever you like. As long as you can explain the connection between the picture and your work everything is fine.

You can find all prompts in our Prompt Archive

Please visit the FAQ for more information.

We also have an AO3 Collection. Feel free to add your work - but please also post in the main community here at [profile] dreamwidth

Good luck and have fun!